Way back in the day with several years’ skill under my belt I bought my first fixer-upper house, the year was 1987. With my little team we renovated that cottage house in Manhattan Beach and thus began a construction company that would eventually become Riviera Rich Contractors, Inc.. Since then every job we do blends our unique skill of traditional craftsmanship with an unrelenting eye for detail to create one of a kind custom homes. We pride ourselves with the personal approach to every project we do. We find clever solutions to a myriad of problems we face on every job (See daily blog). We recycle materials and follow the basic tenets of sustainable construction as much as possible. With our Headquarters in Redondo Beach, CA, we try to stay within a 15-mile radius of our office. This closeness of proximity to our jobs allows us a quicker response time to and from the site as well as reducing the carbon footprint our vehicles would make if we travel a great distance from office and home.
That being said, we would consider projects out of our basic area of operation if the project met the following criteria:

1.) A very substantial project.
2.) Architectural design, beauty, intelligence.
Example #1
A dynamic individual contacts us and would like to build a one of a kind home utilizing recycled materials and state of the art technology. All of this concurrently flowing with harmony as it grows from the natural site. Such a project would blend in with its natural surroundings etc. I’m not suggesting the whole house be made of recycled materials, but why not use them when you can?
Example #2
Similar to the above example except the main emphasis on this particular project is the degree of difficulty. One challenge might be building on the side of a cliff, or simply doing things that have not been done before… We love challenges!
With the amount of experience we have coupled together with the world-class talent we possess there is nothing we can’t do. Our commitment to excellence and our tenacity for achieving the highest quality results puts us at the top of the field.